Furtherance helps you find the right partner to go further in your business

Startups face a lot of small challenges, from not knowing when to pivot, when to fundraise, to who is the ideal customer or how/where to hire a remote team. We help you to get past these challenges.

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What other people say about us

Slika paje
''Dintegra is a software company in the industrial engineering space, and the challenge we had was to build a small dev team in a matter of months. Furtherance helped us find the right people, open up a development team in Serbia, go further in our business.''
Pavle Andjelkovic, Head of Biz.Dev
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Slika Ukija
''Beohost is a proptech startup, and we needed help in creating and launching a new software product. Furtherance helped us find the right software development agency, with whom we were able to build a product from scratch and launch it in a couple of months.''
Uros Djakovic, Founder
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nikola Slika
''Skenit is a startup focused on the fitness industry, and we had lots of challenges at the beginning. Furtherance helped us on different aspects of our business. They connected us with a sales mentor who helped us refine and structure our sales strategy, and they connected us with various experts in the industry.''
Nikola Samardzija, Founder
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Who are the people behind Furtherance

Furtherance is a private matchmaking platform that helps startup founders like yourself find the right fit for your current challenges. The other side of the platform consist of a private network of both industry experts and outsource agencies for all sorts of topics like sales, HR, marketing, Near-shoring, fundraising etc. Furtherance has created and verified that network in order to provide startups and scaleups with a single platform through which they can find the right partner to help them go further in their business Want to qualify for our network? Reach us at: sales@furtherance.rs


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One of the biggest reasons startups fail is because they couldn't, find the right people or companies to help them go further in their business. The reasons were either, they didn't know anyone or they didn't have enough time to invest in finding them. Because we were able to help startups in this regard, we created Furtherance.


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The Furtherance team consists of seasoned people in the startup ecosystem. We help you firstly, by talking with you, understanding where you are at, and giving advice on how you can solve some of your challenges. We do this free of charge. If you feel that you can't solve some of them on your own, we connect you with our partners.


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Partners include a lot of different people, but mostly the services they provide are:

Consultants in the field of fundraising, sales, marketing, business development and Outsource agencies for HR and hiring nearshore/offshore IT teams or Sales teams for UK/USA/AU/Balkans.

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